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Ideas For Adding A Linen Closet To A Bathroom

Are you remodeling a bathroom and looking for a way to add a linen closet? A linen closet, no matter the size, is a necessity. Usually, the storage in vanity cabinets isn’t enough. 

The convenience of storing towels, toilet paper, cotton balls, or other personal items in the bathroom where you need it should not be overrated. Sadly, this is a forgotten storage area, even in brand new homes here in the Boynton Beach area. 

On your design consultation, our remodel expert can walk through and determine which options could work for your room. Here are four options that may provide you with linen storage ideas.


Linen Closet Built-ins 

If the bathroom is large enough, you may choose to go with beautiful built-ins and a vanity area. Built-ins will give you ample storage for extra linens, extra supplies of toiletries, and come with many options.

Benchmark Design Remodel in Boynton Beach


You can choose to design these to look like a piece of furniture, choose any paint color, or add decorative glass doors. More advantages to this option are adjustable shelving, adding drawers, and pull-out hampers.

Your bathroom layout may need to be reconfigured, giving you a generous area for this form of storage. Some homeowners opt for removing a large soaking tub or installing a large walk-in shower leaving plenty of room for built-ins or a framed in a linen closet. 


What’s On The Other Side Of That Wall?

There may be an opportunity to open an area of the wall that very well may be wasted space on the other side. Is there a laundry room, HVAC return cavity, or a large closet on the other side of the bathroom? You may be able to gain space without bumping out the entire wall.

Also, removing drywall to use space between studs to add recessed shelving can add the few inches necessary to install 10-12 inch deep shelves without protruding out too far. Doing this will give the needed depth for stacking folded towels or decorative storage baskets.


Benchmark Design Remodel in Boynton Beach


Another suggestion your contractor may make is to use space behind the shower area. If you are having a walk-in shower built, you can leave room behind it to tuck in a linen closet or shelving.


Benchmark Design Remodel in Boynton Beach


Space Too Small for A Closet

So many of our clients that are doing a remodel in Boynton Beach, don’t have a bathroom large enough for a linen closet. If this is your dilemma, think about open shelving. Simple floating shelving works nicely when your room is entirely too small to add a linen closet. The area over the toilet or above the doorway are options that can look great when designed right. 

You can plan for even the toughest rooms by downloading our planning guide before you visit with our in-house designer. 


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